Equine Dental & Veterinary Care

Equine Dental & Veterinary Care is the mobile practice of equine veterinarian and certified equine dentist Theo van Delft. EDVC stands for modern veterinary dental care for horses. Routine annual oral examinations and dental treatments are performed ambulatory at your horse’s location. For more advanced examinations, treatments and surgeries, EDVC provides the ability to perform these at different equine clinics in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. Also, if possible, advanced work might be performed in association with your own veterinary practice.

For appointments or information by phone, it is best to call +31 6 474 66 291 from Monday to Friday between 0800-0900 or 1800-1900. You can also send an email with your question and your contact information.

Theo lives in the north of Belgium close to the Dutch border. Every week, he treats patients at Pferdeklinik Burg Müggenhausen, which is close to Cologne in Germany. Appointments for routine oral examination and treatment around this area can therefore be planned on a weekly basis. For advanced procedures it is best to make an appointment at the clinic. During the rest of the week Theo works ambulatory in Belgium and the Netherlands. Here, advanced procedures can be planned at different clinics with which Theo works together.

If you have horses that need to be examined and treated anywhere else in the world, please feel free to contact Theo as well. Theo is fluent in Dutch, English, German and Spanish and willing to assist with any special queries you may have.[/toggle]

Theo is a dutch approved/certified equine veterinarian (KNMvD).  He is a certified equine dentist of the dutch dentistry association (NVVGP) but also certified for the AED and IAED in the United States. Next to attending several theoretical courses, Theo flies to the USA annually for practical training, so to keep up with and get better in performing dental treatments. During these practical courses he helps new students during the examination and treatment of patients and his own work is checked and criticized by other collegues. For ‘advanced dentistry’ Theo visits the Veterinary Faculties of Genth and Hannover a few times per year to follow and assist during more difficult treatments and surgeries.

Theo graduated in 2009 as an equine vet from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Utrecht. Before starting his veterinary training, he studied at the University of Kentucky in the USA and was awarded with a Bachelor in Equine Sciences. This program focused on housing, feeding and general management of horses. During the time in America, he also started his education into equine dentistry at the Academy of Equine Dentistry in Idaho. During vet school, Theo started treating horses with dental problems during weekends and holidays. These treatments were often carried out while working together with veterinarians. In this manner, patients could be sedated to perform a thorough examination of the oral cavity and a proper dental treatment.

After finishing vet school, Theo started working in an ambulatory practice to gain experience as an equine vet. During this period he annually flew to Idaho to complete his training to become a AED and IAED certified equine dentist. During spring 2012, he was offered the position as head of the dentistry department within a well known horse clinic in Germany for a period of 2 years. In addition to routine dental treatments, much experience was gained in ‘advanced dentistry’ such as extractions of incisors and molars, periodontal disease and diastema treatment, caries -and pulp treatment and treatment of diseases of the sinuses. In addition to performing these treatments/surgeries himself, many advanced dentistry courses were attended to improve techniques and increase knowledge.

Theo’s vision is to improve the current level of equine dentistry by providing high quality work and by explaining horse owners why annual examination and treatment is worthwhile!