Together with ECVS-resident Tsjester Huppes, PoloVet attends different tournaments in the Netherlands and Belgium. Next to emergency care in case of accidents on and around the field, polo ponies are monitored and PoloVet plays an important role in the pony welfare during tournaments. If you are interested in the presence of PoloVet during your tournament, please contact EDVC. We can provide a trailer with winch, screens and extensive veterinary equipment for emergency treatment.


During a cattle internship at Salentein Argentina in 2007, Theo was introduced to polo as it is played in Argentina. On the Argentinean pampas polo is a game played for fun followed by a delicious asado (barbecue) with a glass of red wine on many estancias. Besides this amateur way of enjoying polo, the sport is played at its highest level in Argentina. The best players worldwide are mostly Argentinean and during the annual ‘Campeonato Abierto Argentino de Polo’ the best international clubs compete against each other.

Since his first period in Argentina polo has fascinated Theo. In 2008 he performed a study related research internship at the then largest embryo transplantation center of Argentina (Doña Pilar). During that season, more than 1,200 embryos of competition polo ponies we transferred into recipient mares. While doing research on the influence of climate conditions on the ET results during this internship, Theo worked for 3 months at this ET center.