If an equine emergency situation occurs on the premises during Theo’s presence, EDVC is equipped to perform first aid and to provide you with the best treatment and advice. Also, after initial treatment your own equine vet can be contacted to discuss the situation so he or she can continue treatment or, if necessary, to refer the patient to a clinic.

Since Theo works as a ‘freelance’ veterinary dentist in Germany a few days per week, and because his work as a dentist covers a large practice area, it is impossible to provide continuous emergency care. In case of an emergency it is best to contact your own equine vet or a veterinary clinic nearby.


The veterinary branch within EDVC focuses mainly on preventive health care for horses. Besides dental care also vaccinations, deworming, feeding and housing play an important role in preventive health care. Next to an oral examination, EDVC offers a clinical checkup during which other problems related to your horse´s health can be looked at and discussed. You horse will be physically examined and blood and manure can be examined in a laboratory. Also advice on management, housing and feeding is covered during this clinical checkup.

Horses are kept in different ways and each horse is individually different. For these reasons, it is clear that in every horse needs its individual way of being fed and managed. Through 30 years of experience in equine management, education focused on horses and worldwide working experience, Theo has extensive knowledge in taking care of horses. Also, he follows the by ‘Sanequi Veterinair speciaalvoeder’ organized program to become an ‘Equine Nutrition Consultant’. By these means, advice can be given for horses with a normal diet but also for animals with health problems.